Who is
Neo Ross?

About Neo

Neo Ross is a millennial European entrepreneur, investor, speaker, business growth and performance strategist. His dedication to achieving the maximum result in each activity was noticed in his early career.

Following his childhood vision, Neo established an international institute with a prime focus to increase human consciousness and achieve maximum results in professional life, specifically among young adults in the area of entrepreneurship and wealth.

Throughout his intensive career, Neo has worked in 12 countries, served more than a thousand individuals and helped businesses grow revenue, improve employee performance and reduce costs resulting in over 40 mln. EUR. Neo's work was noticed by well-known influencers – from authors to business leaders and top-notch industry experts in Europe, South Africa, United Kingdom, and California.

Why I Do What I Do 

From One Step from the Death to an Inspired Global Mission

Even though his life clearly demonstrated his teacher's purpose, Neo’s turning point in life happened in 2015.

A group of trusted individuals physically kidnapped Neo. The tragic evental most took his life, as well as leaving a painful mark in my psychological, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

The stressful experience pushed Neo to discover the methods on how to neutralize stress and bring the balance back to life.
Today Neo believes that it was the greatest thing that happened in his life leaving a thousand lessons.

Professional Speaker

Gifted to Explain Complex Concepts in a Simple Way

An inspired speaker with a profound and meaningful message to share with the world, Neo has delivered over 600 keynote speeches to professional organizations and communities worldwide.

In his presentations, Neo blends the timeless wisdom and scientific insights with the evolution of human consciousness, small business success and human performance to enable his audiences to take action and make difference in their personal and professional life.

Neo is a master at customizing his presentations to his audiences as he identifies the audience’s needs quickly, connects, engages, and entertains every person in the room.