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For every entrepreneur or founder looking to strengthen their personal and company purpose, explore longevity, anti-aging, and wellness protocols, and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world.

Over these four days, you'll delve deeply into essential topics such as personal and company purpose, vision, and mission. Following this exploration, we will refine your company's strategy and create an action plan aligned with the new vision. These sessions will be enriched with the latest scientific breakthroughs in the fields of longevity and productivity-enhancing wellness protocols, enabling you to accelerate your life and business results.


All of this will be done in the company of inspiring individuals who will become lifelong friends.

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Retreat experience is one of the most effective and efficient ways to achieve powerful life and business transformation.
Answer me: is that you?

Are you drawn to experiences that have the power to open your heart wide, touch the very depths of your soul, evoke tears of gratitude and inspiration, and ignite a fire within you to live life to its absolute fullest, without any boundaries?

Do you hold the conviction that your activity, profession, or business transcends the mere pursuit of profit, embodying instead your most profound and effective means of answering your spiritual calling?

Do the achievements and success stories of others, their "good vibes," energize you, sparking a desire within you to become a beacon of inspiration, influencing positive transformations in those around you?

Do you seek to distance yourself from the hustle of crowded spaces, tourist hotspots, and the hum of mass gatherings, preferring instead the intimacy of boutique experiences in a setting defined by quality and exclusivity?

Are you yearning for an escape from the confines of your current surroundings, routines, work, or social circles, craving personal space to rejuvenate your creativity, boost your productivity, and replenish your energy reserves?

Do you gravitate towards environments where you can connect with inspiring, high-achieving individuals, in which the seeds of new opportunities for both your personal and professional life can sprout and flourish?

If you find yourself nodding along, saying YES to one, several, or perhaps all of these inquiries,

then the NEO ROSS BEYOND YOURSELF experience has been tailor-made with you in mind.


Achieving success often exacts a heavy toll: in the relentless pursuit of professional or financial triumph, many lose sight of their true identity, purpose, and direction in life.

The ancient Egyptians held a profound belief that matter is lifeless without spirit, just as spirit remains unmanifest without matter. True wealth in life demands a harmony of both: the depth of spiritual meaning intertwined with the acquisition of material prosperity.

Throughout this experience, you will embark on a journey to reawaken your innermost desires, delve into the core of your life's significance, uncover the wellspring of your intrinsic motivation, and forge a crystal-clear vision for your life or pursuits. This exploration is designed to empower you to strike an equilibrium between the spiritual and the material, guiding you toward your objectives with a sense of complete balance.


You've likely observed that each new phase in your personal and professional journey demands a higher level of thought. Achieving this elevated mindset often means confronting and overcoming limiting beliefs, sometimes requiring a fundamental shift in your thought processes. Embracing this new paradigm is what has propelled you toward the results you've aspired to.

At the "Beyond Yourself" event, you'll join forces with a group of equally motivated and inspiring individuals. Together, we'll guide you through identifying your unique niche, crafting a robust monetization and product strategy, and fortifying it with strategies and tactics from the Harvard Business School playbook, employed by the world's most successful organizations. This transformative journey is designed to unlock more free time for you, open up avenues for creating an inspired life design, afford you the luxury of travel, and enable you to savor every moment of life to its fullest.


Over the last decade, groundbreaking advancements in the fields of biology, cell regeneration, and longevity have demonstrated that by adhering to specific parameters and engaging in daily actions, it is now possible to halt the aging process and rejuvenate one's energy levels.

During the "Beyond Yourself" experience, you will explore the latest scientific research, studies, exercise programs, nutritional plans, supplements, and expert insights designed to help you maintain the energy levels of your 30s every day. The event will also feature a sauna and ice bath challenge, aimed at boosting your resilience and personal well-being. You will leave this event armed with a concrete daily action plan, dietary guidelines, and recommended supplement dosages to help you sustain these discoveries every day.


Navigating the realms of business development and personal growth often feels like a solitary endeavor. Initially, your aspirations may be met with resistance from those in your immediate circle, and later, with judgment. It's uncommon to find someone who remains steadfast in their pursuit of their goals and vision. Indeed, this journey can be isolating and misunderstood.

However, over the course of these four days, you'll encounter remarkable individuals whose lives are embodiments of success and a relentless quest for knowledge. Our retreats draw participants from every corner of the globe, each person bringing their own unique wealth and value, ready to contribute and co-create this unforgettable experience. It's been our experience that attendees of this event forge deep connections, becoming lifelong friends in the process.

Neo Ross
Neo Ross Retreat

What is a Neo Ross Retreat?

2023 m. Vasario 24 - 26 d. 

Drawing inspiration from the transformative "Journey of a Lifetime" experiences pioneered by the Four Seasons hotel chain, I craft bespoke adventures for the active soul, innovative creators, and dedicated professionals. Our expeditions delve into the three fundamental aspects of our being: the soul, the mind, and the body.

In orchestrating these Retreat experiences, my foremost aim is to ensure that every activity, every sensation, and every emotion we engage with profoundly impacts each participant, forging unforgettable memories destined to last a lifetime. It is for this reason I meticulously select locations that not only offer breathtaking beauty, vibrant energy, and rich culture but also stand as sanctuaries far beyond the ordinary tourist trails.

Over the past eight years, my journey has taken me across the globe, constantly in pursuit of the extraordinary. I've sought out the world's marvels, designing my dream retreats in locations that I believe are truly unparalleled. As a result, our portfolio now boasts diverse programs spanning Mexico, Costa Rica, Namibia, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka.


The enchanting landscapes of Provence have captivated countless artists and writers throughout the years—with its herb-scented hills, harbors dotted with yachts, crystalline azure waters, sprawling vineyards, medieval castles, and exquisite cuisine. Annually, I find myself drawn back to Provence, seeking inspiration, creativity, and the region's mesmerizing energy.

Nestled between heaven and earth, La Bastide de Tourtour offers a slice of paradise. Positioned at the heart of a lush 4-hectare park and a mere five-minute stroll from Tourtour, dubbed the "Provençal village in the sky," it presents the perfect backdrop for relaxation, whether you're on holiday, taking a brief respite, or indulging in a wellness weekend.

With 23 rooms that provide stunning views over the natural surroundings, La Bastide de Tourtour marries peace, tranquility, and comfort seamlessly. Some rooms boast breathtaking panoramas of the Maures massif, while others overlook the expansive park adorned with pine forests, offering guests a serene retreat from the world.


At the Spa de La Bastide, you will find yourself enveloped in a moment of total well-being and relaxation. The wellness area's panoramic view invites a deep connection with nature, while its elegant and sophisticated ambiance, together with a curated program of events, will energize and rejuvenate you, creating a retreat experience that stands apart from the everyday hustle.

2023 m. Vasario 24 - 26 d. 

Retreat Venue
Neo Ross
Breakthrough Movie
Neo Ross Beyond Yourself

2023 m. Vasario 24 - 26 d. 

Hello dear Friend, my name is Nereas. Since I was a child, most people called me Neo.

Over the last decade, my focus has been on empowering entrepreneurs and founders to achieve profound personal and professional transformations. This includes clarifying their vision and mission, translating that vision into actionable steps, creating and growing their purpose-driven businesses, and achieving financial abundance.


I've had the privilege of personally assisting over 3000 individuals and impacting more than 25,000 through our books, courses, and educational materials.

To become a true inspiration for my community, I had to overcome severe PTSD resulting from a traumatic encounter in 2015, during which I was kidnapped, robbed, and almost killed. On my path to self-healing, I encountered incredible individuals, discovered effective tools for personal transformation, and aided everyone who believed in my capacity to assist them.

My contributions to this field were featured in the global documentary film "BREAKTHROUGH," showcasing the significant outcomes our clients achieved. These successes earned me the nickname "The Louis Vuitton of the Personal Development Industry.


Curiosity and an unyielding pursuit of knowledge led me to study under renowned mentors, researchers, and scientists enriching my expertise in human behavior, spirituality, business, marketing, sales, and neuroscience.


Further enhancing my skillset, I pursued entrepreneurship at Stanford University and business strategy at Harvard Business School through their distance learning programs.

Today, my practice showcases hundreds of inspiring transformations across personality, activity, and finance. I am on a mission to guide you through the most significant and desired transformation of your life.


With utmost sincerity, I promise to dedicate my efforts to help you achieve this.

I invite you to embark on an unparalleled journey with me, promising an experience unlike any other you've encountered before.

Jungle River

Immerse yourself in an unparalleled SOUL, MIND, AND BODY EXPERIENCE, a journey uniquely designed to enrich and harmonize every aspect of your being

This comprehensive retreat is dedicated to fostering deep spiritual insight, intellectual growth, and physical well-being. Explore practices and teachings that elevate the soul, challenge and expand the mind, and rejuvenate the body. Engage with a community of like-minded individuals, all on their own paths to self-discovery and wellness

Retreat Program
Retreat Program


Woman in a Natural Stream
To ensure the highest quality of this event for each participant, we adhere to a strict invitation policy. Please fill out the form below, and await a call from our team.
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